Kitchen Remodels

A Kitchen For Food and Friends

It is always exciting and fun to work with customers who are willing to open up some walls and to move things around. Our plan was to open the kitchen to the family room, add more storage in the breakfast area, and add a double oven. After a new beam, demolished wall, and moved piping, we installed country-style cabinetry by Legacy Debut Series, granite countertops, a travertine floor, and stainless steel appliances. Thus the enclosed kitchen was transformed to an open and welcoming space for Food and Friends.

Budget: $70,000

Comfort Kitchen

We replaced the existing white cabinets with light stained oak cabinets from the Wellborn Select Series, installed solid surface countertops, and put in a Lazy Susan cabinet to make the corners functional.

Budget: $15,000.

Galley Delight

Here is a good example of simple and inexpensive ways to update your kitchen and add a lot of brightness. Removing the soffits allowed taller 42" high wall cabinets to fit. Light-stained shaker door cabinetry from Wellborn's Home Concept Series, beautiful granite countertops, and a classic travertine mosaic backsplash lights the kitchen up!

Budget: $15,000.

Modern Kitchen

This client spends a lot of time in the kitchen. By moving the refrigerator, relocating the cooktop to the peninsula with a pop-up downdrafting ventilation system, we were able to install a built-in double oven and a custom-made dishwasher cabinet (Wellborn Premier Series). The result is a more spacious kitchen reduced strain since the dishwasher and the over were raised to easy-to-reach level.

Budget: $55,000.

Open Kitchen

This beautiful kitchen used to be a tiny and hideous one that no one would like. We opened up the wall to the living room, tore down
the soffits, and then put in new porcelain flooring, all-plywood
traditional style cabinets, and classic NVG granite countertop. The big
kitchen island with extended bar is great for entertaining and could
also serve as breakfast table. This kitchen not only is up-to-date, but
it also feels so much brighter and more functional!

Budget: $25,000

- Design + Build
-Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation - Home Renovation 
- Cabinets & Countertops - Flooring
- Memphis, TN