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Process - MiniMax Kitchen and Bath Gallery

Design + Build: Explained

1. Planning


We start with a discussion about your existing space, your goals, design aesthetics, the users of the space, and your rough budget.


To obtain a more detailed and accurate quotation, we'll need actual dimensions of your space. One of our designers will personally visit your home to take measurements and get a better sense of the overall space.

2. Selection and Refinement

Design Then Refine, Refine, Refine

It can be like planning a wedding. If you love details and learning about the products, then our showroom can be your playground. If you crave simplicity and service, then let our designers help you curate your selections. Regardless, you can expect guidance and transparency. Designs and detailed quotations can be viewed in conjuction with a member of our staff.  Please note that designs will only be released if a $500 deposit towards a cabinet purchase is paid.  If the client chooses to purchase cabinetry elsewhere, the client forfeits the deposit and assumes responsibility for all charges, cabinet fit, installation, part selection, additional edits beyond the original design, and other related issues and problems that may arise. 

Computer Enhancement

Visualizing the space can be difficult, so we offer 3-D rendering services if you are thinking about new cabinets.

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